OJS Upload Instructions

  • To login to submit your paper, please go to:


  • You should have the same username and password from OCS.
  • Please add here an option for those that do not remember if they have a OCS account
  • If you are asked to change your password, we would advise that you use the same password as OCS to keep things simple. Please make sure you have reviewed the author instructions before proceeding:
  • Once logged-in you will click the “new submission” button Please select “article” from the Section dropdown box – it is the only option.
  • Please read and check all of the boxes about the submission requirements and please make sure to have all of the components ready for upload.
  • If you have any specific comments to the Editor, please leave those in the text box. You will next be able to upload your submission.
  • You will have to choose from the Article Component drop down menu – P
  • lease make sure you follow the guidelines listed in the “Ensuring a Blind Review” link.
  • The names of authors and co-authors should not be on the document but will only be entered as metadata in OJS later in the upload process.
  • The document should be uploaded under Article Text as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf and should include all figures and tables, although these will also need to be uploaded separately. PLEASE – no .zip files. These cannot be accepted due to security concerns.
  • Once you upload a component you can repeat the process for the other components. Once you upload a component you can repeat the process for the other components.
  • The tables can be uploaded under the Table option The figures can be uploaded one at a time under the Figure option – You will be asked to enter Metadata information about the figure.
  • Please include the figure caption under “Description” and add any other pertinent information as needed.
  • If you are going to use the Other option, please leave a note to the editors to explain why you are using that option.
  • Once you have completed uploading all of the Article Components please review the components and click “Save and Continue”
  • You will next be asked to enter Metadata of the article – This is where you enter the author and co-author information Title, Subtitle, Abstract, List of Contributors (co-authors), and Keywords – Other items are not necessary but feel free to complete all you can.
  • Once you have completed this step, you will be asked if everything is correct and you can finish the submission process.

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