Information for presenters


Every block will be between 60 and 105 minutes and with one exception, there will be not more than five presentations in every slot. Therefore, every paper should be no longer than 20 minutes including the discussion. Even if you have fewer presentations in your block, we would like to ask you to keep the time limit. So you might find some time for further questions in discussions after the presentations. Otherwise, it would not be possible to switch between the single sessions.

Projection technology

Every room will be equipped with a windows-computer and a video-projector. If you want to use your own device, keep in mind that some rooms will just have a VGA-connection and we can´t provide all possible adapters and you need to bring your own. Please bring your presentation on a pen-drive in advance and a staff member will assist you to copy it to the machine.


The posters should be attached on Monday-afternoon or on Tuesday-morning. We will provide pushpins and assistance if needed.

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